Optimize tables by completely removing titlebars and borders

Simplify playing multiple stakes by converting chips to big blinds

Design your own frames and color tables according to predefined filters

Multi-table efficiently with hotkeys and preset bets

Organize your tables with the most advaced layouts system on the market

Automatically register to Sit&Go tournaments

Table Optimizer is a software solution designed for professional poker players who want to play on-line poker as efficiently as it is possible.

If you’re tiling tables it allows you to maximally use your screen space by removing titlebars and borders of Pokerstars tables. If you prefer to stack your tables, Table Optimizer Smart Stacking feature will automatically move important tables between stack and slots allowing you to use advantages of tiling and stacking at the same time. Even more advanced layouts can be created by assigning custom filters to auto-slots.

These features combined with sng registering, preset bets, automatic timebank handling, hotkeys, frames and chips to bb conversion will make your multitabling much easier, allowing you to play more tables and win more money.