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How does it work?

  • You will be able to create special links to our website. If user clicks on such link, it will store a cookie on his computer. The cookie will be valid for 60 days and it will contain data that identifies you. If our system detects such cookie during a purchase, you will receive a commission.
  • When commission is granted via cookie we will associate PokerStars id provided by the user with your affiliate account. Thanks to that you will receive another commission if the user renews his license in the future.

What do I need?

  1. A website to promote Table Optimizer.
  2. A PayPal or a Neteller account in USD to receive payouts.


You need to have at least 3 commissions to receive your first payout.

After that you will receive a payout:

  • before the 5th of every month, if amount to pay is greater that 100 USD
  • before the 5th of every quarter, in other cases


  1. Every new account has to undergo a process of verification after which we decide whether to activate it. We reserve the right to not activate your account without any explanation.
  2. We don't work with websites that promote illegal activities or activities that are prohibited by poker rooms(bots, data mining etc.).
  3. We require PayPal or Neteller account in USD. If your account is in other currency you have to agree to pay conversion fee if it's required.
  4. You need to have at leas 3 commissions to receive your first payout.
  5. An affiliate is not allowed to generate commissions for his own purchases.
  6. In case of a refund or chargeback an unpaid commission will be canceled. If commission was already paid, it's value will be deducted from the next payout.
  7. Affiliates are not allowed to promote our website by sending unsolicited e-mail, private messages, text or instant messages to people who didn't agree to receive them. Any form of spam may result in account termination.
  8. Any attempt to cheat out affiliate system will result in immediate account termination and forfeiture of all commissions.

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