Is this program allowed by PokerStars?


Are there plans to support other networks than PokerStars?


Where are the hotkeys for beting/calling/folding etc. ?

They are already build in PokerStars client.

How can I move a table without a titlebar?

You can move it by dragging TO hud with left mouse button. To enable hud check “Enable” in “HUD” section in TO “General” tab.

How to set bet sizing using mousewheel?

You have two options:

  1. Choose “Set focus to betbox” option. This will set focus to betbox everytime it’s your turn to act or when you activate a table.While focus is in betbox you will be able to change bets using mousewheel.
  2. Select “Bet slider” in hotkeys tree and assign mousewheell to “Increase/Decrease bet” hotkeys.

What 'Prevent new tables from taking focus' option does?

When new cash table is opened it will not steal focus from you current active table.

How to use 'Color player' and 'Find player' hotkeys?

You need to press them while your mouse is hovering over a player on the table.”Color player” hotkey will mark selected player with first color note from your list.If you press it again within one second it will mark him with the next color.

How does TO cycling work?

TO cycling allows you to cycle through all tables ordered from most to least important ones.If you start cycling on first in line table it will first go through all tables on which it’s your turn to act, then it will go through all tables on which your hand is dealt but action didn’t get to you yet and lastly it will cycle through all remaining tables(folded, observed).

What's the function of 'Tile' and 'Stack/Slots' checkboxes near layout hotkey?

You use them to specify what should happen when layout is applied.”Tile” checkbox will tile tables and “Stack/Slot” will either move tables to stack or rearrange them in slots of the new layout.


What's the function of two arrows in 'Tiling options'?

You use them to specify order of your monitors. It has an effect on “Move to next/previous screen” hotkey and on auto-tiling. If you set TO to auto-tile tables on all screens it will tile them first on the monitor that is most to the left in “Tiling options”.

What 'Restore Z-order' function does?

Z-order refers to position of a table relative to other tables when they are overlapping. If table A is covering table B then table A is higher in the z-order. “Restore Z-order” option will keep z-order of tables constant by moving every table to a correct position when it’s deactivated.

What happens if I use tile hotkey on tables that are in stack or slots?

Tables that are in stack or in normal slots will be tiled and TO will consider them as tables that are neither in stack nor in slot. Tables that are in hotkey slots will not be tiled.


What is Smart Stacking?

Smart Stacking is Table Optimizer equivalent of StackAndTile/NinjaTile/Table Of Interest functionality. It allows you to combine advantages of tiling and stacking by automatically moving tables from stack to predefined slots when certain condition is met.
There are four smart-stacking modes:

  • Zoom – in this mode stack is used as place for tables on which you’ve folded and all play is made in slots.
  • Vpip – in this mode stack is used for folding hands, if you put money into pot table is moved to slot.
  • Postflop – in this mode you play preflop in stack and postflop in slots.
  • Manual – in this mode you move tables to slots manually and TO moves them back for you when you fold or when hand is finished.

How can I manually move tables to the stack?

For new tables that are neither in slot nor in stack you can use “Add table(s) to stack” hotkey. “Add tables to stack” hotkey will move all new tables on current screen while ignoring tables that are in slots. “Add table to stack” will move table to stack even when it’s in slot however it will ignore table if it’s locked. For tables that are already in stack or slot you can use “Move to stack/slot” and “Empty slots” hotkeys.

What is the difference between normal slots and hotkey slots?

Normal slots are designed to work with smart-stacking feature. Alternatively they can be used to create advanced layouts that can’t be created using tiling feature. Each slot can contain only one table. When you move table to slot using “Move to stack/slot” hotkey it will go to empty slot with the lowest number. The only way to move table to specific slot is to check “Enable slot swapping” option and drag&drop it manually.

Unlike with normal slots you can put multiple tables into every hotkey slot, which allows you to use them to create multiple stacks. They can be also used to move table to specific location on the screen.
If table is already in hotkey slot and you use hotkey assosiacted with this slot on this table it will be moved back.
If table was in main stack or normal slot it will be moved back to the main stack.
If table was neither in main stack nor in normal slot(tiled for example) it will be moved back to it’s initial position.

What happens when there are no empty slots while playing in smart-stacking mode?

In that case table that should be moved to the slot will be added to the queue and moved to the slot later once it’s free. Keep in mind that if you perform action on this table while it’s in stack it will still move to the slot later which may cause confusion. It’s recommended to always have enough slots so such situation doesn’t occur very often.

What's the function of 'Lock in slot' hotkey?

If you use this hotkey on table while playing in smart-stacking mode, this table will not be moved back to stack when you fold or when hand is finished. This allows you to see how hand played out and what hands were shown by players on showdown. Table will be unlocked after you move it back to stack using “Move to stack/slot” hotkey.


I purchased and installed the license but TO still says that my trial has expired.

There are multiple things that may cause it:

  1. You didn’t provide correct pokerstars id(remeber that it’s case sensitive) and id in the license is not the same as id that you use to play.
  2. You copied license file into the wrong folder.
  3. You changed name or extension of license file.
  4. You’re using incompatible version of PokerStars software.

I play on and Do i have to buy two licenses?

No, you need to pay only for one. However, it will be necessary to provide your pokerstars id for both .com and .fr clients.

I transfered the money and successfully submitted the form on 'Purchase' page but didn't receive my license within 12 hours.

It’s possible that e-mali with your license was automatically moved to the spam folder. Be sure to check it as well.


After trying to start the program i see 'ntlhk.dll not found' error message.

This happens when you move to.exe file from TO main directory. You can’t do that. If you want to start TO from desktop you need to create shortcut manually.

Program is not working after PokerStars client update.

If you don’t have time to wait for TO update what you need to do is downgrade your PokerStars client. To do that please follow these steps:

  1. Go to C:\Program Files\PokerStars\backup\ folder.
  2. Copy all files from this folder to C:\Program Files\PokerStars\
  3. Start PokerStars using PokerStars.exe file(remember to run as administrator).

You can’t use your default desktop shortcut because it will start PokerStarsUpdate.exe.

Auto clicking timebank/I'm back is not working.

This is most likely caused by not selecting correct PokerStars theme in “Global options” in TO or by using a non-standard theme. If you’re using a non-standard theme you need to configure TO to work correctly with it. To do that open a table, press “Theme options” button in TO and move markers to correct positions on the table.

Table management features(tiling, slots) are not moving tables to correct positions, TO frames have different sizes than tables.

To fix this problem you need to disable display scaling on hight DPI settings for to.exe and PokerStars.exe. to.exe can be found in TO main folder and PokerStars.exe is usually located in C:\Program Files\Pokerstars. To disable this option right click on an executable and select “Properties”. In the new window select “Compability” tab and check “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings”

How to manually reinstall Table Optimizer?

  1. Download latest TO version from the website:
  2. Extract to a new folder.
  3. Copy all extracted files.
  4. Paste these files into TO main folder and overwrite old files.