• option to create unlimited number of layouts and change them quickly using hotkeys
  • auto-tiling when table is open and when it’s closed, support for tiling on multiple monitors
  • tiled tables can be sorted by open time, bb, number of players, maximum number of players and position on screen
  • smart stacking feature – this feature will automatically move important tables from stack to slots and move them back when you fold or hand is finished
  • hotkey slots for setting tables aside
  • auto slots – powerful tool that allows to create almost every layout you can think of by assigning filters to slots
  • replayer slot

Preset bets

  • open raise filtered by position and blind/ante level
  • postflop bet filtered by street
  • option to round bets to x sb


  • convert chips to big blinds
  • auto accept/decline waitlist for cash games
  • click time bank/I’m back
  • select/refresh info tab for tournaments
  • close all “ok” popups
  • close empty cash tables
  • set focus to betbox and highlight bet amount
  • prevent new cash table from stealing focus
  • popup tables when user action is required and when hand is dealt(for zoom tables)
  • popup tables separately for each stack


Using hotkeys u can perform following actions:

  • hide/show Table Optimizer, PokerStars lobby, Windows taskbar, tables borders and titlebars
  • close table(s) with auto-accepting confirmation dialog
  • apply tiling layout on selected monitor, move table between monitors
  • add new table(s) to stack, move table between stack and slot, move all tables from slots to stack, lock table in slot
  • join/unjoin waitlist, click “Register” button in the Lobby
  • sit out next hand/bb for one or all tables
  • click “I’m back” on all tables
  • increase/decrease value in betbox
  • color player, find player
  • switch hud mode
  • open replayer
  • enable/disable hotkeys and “Money to b” feature
  • cycle tables from most urgent to least urgent
  • cycle tables in specific stack(for multi-stack layout)


Table Optimizer hud can show following information:

  • hero stack in bb and tournament M
  • effective stack in bb
  • hero stack before posting blinds and antes
  • hero stack in tourney adjusted bb
  • pot odds
  • number of open and seated tables
  • number of tables with active timebank
  • number of tables on which it’s your turn to act
  • table name
  • custom text with information about table
  • close and tile buttons

It’s possible to customize font for all hud statistics and to set different font colours for different values.


  • SNG registering compatible with Pokerstars 7
  • user-defined frames with colour for both border and inside area
  • option to create different sets of frames and assign filters to them
  • support for non-standard table themes
  • support for multiple PokerStars clients at the same time*
  • very low cpu and memory usage

*PokerStars hotkeys will work correctly only with one client.