General Tab

General Information

The General Tab contains a number of global settings that can be personalized in the Table Optimizer tool. VERY IMPORTANT: We highly recommend that you start play money games or observe existing games to properly set-up Table Optimizer – we do not recommend playing any real money games with the tool until you are completely comfortable with how everything works and what happens when you try different settings.

Let’s start at the top left and work our way through the page.

Global Options box

These options relate to generic settings on all your tables.

  • Open Minimized: Checking this box will cause Table Optimizer to open in a minimized view, rather than staking up space on your desktop. This might be helpful if you want to run the tool but have no configurations to change.
  • Hide Windows taskbar: Checking this box will cause the your computer’s Windows taskbar to disappear – this can help create more space on your desktop for game tables.
  • Remove titlebars: Checking this box will cause the top bar of your game tables to disappear, allowing more focus on game tables.
  • Remove borders: When you have “Remove titlebars checked, checking this box will cause the Windows borders to disappear from game tables, again allowing more focus on games.
  • Don’t minimize to tray: Checking this box will allow Table Optimizer to show up in your Windows taskbar when you choose to minimize the Table Optimizer interface. If you do leave this unchecked, the Table Optimizer tool can be accessed from the tray (in the bottom right corner of the screen near the system clock).
  • Theme: This is very critical – in order for Table Optimizer to work properly, you must designate which PokerStars table theme you are using. Table Optimizer will use this information for things like knowing where to find time bank or “I’m back” buttons. Click on the dropdown to select one of the available themes and ensure PokerStars is set up to use the same theme. If you wish to use a theme that is not in the dropdown list, you can select “Custom”, then click on the “Theme Options” button, and either (1) use your mouse to drag the red hash marks to the proper location, or (2) use the “Theme options” window to manually designate where each table component exists using X and Y coordinates relating to each game table
Money to bb box

This functionality allows you to see player stack sizes in BB’s (as opposed to the traditional chip amounts). For sit-and-go tournament players, this can be extremely helpful in visualizing relative stack sizes. Plus, most poker tracking software lags in their display of player stack sizes when blind levels change because they can only look at previous hands – Table Optimizer immediately recognizes stack size changes. and so when blind levels change.

Important note: “Highlight bet amount” option in PokerStars settings/Gameplay/Multi-Tabling has to be disabled.

  • Symbol: You can change the notation from something other than “bb” by typing as applicable in the “Symbol:” box
  • Symbol position: You can either display the symbol (i.e. “bb” or whatever you choose) to the left or right of the stack depth by clicking on the applicable location
  • Multiply by: this options will multiply all stack, bets and pot values by specified number. Cash players can use it to make everything look like the stakes they’re most used to. .
  • Set rounding: You can click on this button to configure rounding rules for the stack depth amount (e.g. showing more or less decimal places, etc)
Cash games

These options are designed specifically for cash games.

  • Auto accept waitlists: If you have elected to join a waitlist for a cash game table, checking this box will auto-complete the PokerStars request to confirm that you want to be seated at that table. It is recommended that you also specify your default buy-in information within the PokerStars client.
  • Max seated tables: This number designates the limit of tables that you wish to join.
  • Auto decline waitlist: This will automatically decline all seats from waitlist if number of seated tables is greater than “Max seated tables”.
  • Auto click “Not Yet”: If you click this box, Table Optimizer will click the “Not yet” button when number of seated tables is exactly equal to the number you chose for “Max seated tables”. As an example, let’s say that you want to set the maximum seated tables as 10 and that you also enable both “Auto accept” and “Auto decline”. As long as number of seated tables is lower than 10, it will automatically accept any waitlists that free up. When the number of seated tables becomes equal or greater to 10, it will automatically decline waitlists. If you also enable “Not Yet”, the “Not yet” button will be clicked when the number of seated tables is exactly 10.
  • Prevent new tables from taking focus: Whenever a new PokerStars cash game table is opened, the default is for it to take focus away from any other existing tables, even tables where an action is required. Clicking this box will prevent the new tables from taking focus away from existing ones.
  • Close dead tables: Clicking this box will automatically close any cash game tables where there is a “This table has been closed” message.
Multi-tabling options

These options are designed specifically to simplify your multi-tabling experience.

  • Automatically click Time Bank: If you click this box, Table Optimizer will recognize situations when you are taking a long time to make a decision and will automatically click on the “Time Bank” box when needed.
  • Automatically click I’m Back: If you click this box, Table Optimizer will recognize situations when you have timed out on making a decision and PokerStars sits you our until you confirm you are again ready to play. Important note: The automated clicking of “I’m back” will not work if the sitout is caused by a disconnection. In this case, you would need to use the “I’m back all” hotkey.
  • Popup table when user action required: Clicking this box will bring tables requiring action into focus. If you have multiple tables that require action and you perform action on any of them, Table Optimizer will pupup next table in line(not first in line like in PokerStars). Important note: If you enable this option, you will need to disable the equivalent option(s) in PokerStars advanced multi-tabling settings.
  • Popup table when hand is dealt: Clicking this box will bring a table into focus as soon as a new hand is dealt. Note that if you enable “Popup table when user action required” and “Popup table when user action required”, each will have the same priority. In other words, tables with a hand that has been dealt will be treated the same as tables with action required. This makes sense only on zoom tables. The upside is that if you are dealt a bad hand you can immediately fold it, the downside is that when you are dealt good hand you need to use cycling hotkeys.
  • Enable multi-stack popup: Clicking this option will allow you to see action required on additional tables on other table stacks without taking focus away from a difficult decision. For example, let’s say you have 4 stacks in your layout, and you have a difficult decision to make in stack 1. With the multi-stack popup option, new tables that require action in other stacks will move to the top of their respective stacks without taking focus. Without this option, they would popup only after you make your difficult decision. Note that this works only when stacks are not overlapping (even by one pixel).
  • Activate table under mouse: If you click this box, hovering over a game table with your mouse has the same effect as clicking on it. This can be helpful if you are playing tiled with overlap(because the table under mouse will move to the top).
  • Jump mouse to active table: With this option enabled mouse cursor will jump to a table everytime it is activated. You can configure default cursor position on a table using “Theme options” button.
  • Only when using cycling hotkeys: This will restrict “Jump mouse to active table” option only to work when you are using TO cycling hotkeys.
  • Close OK popups: There are number of popups that might open while using PokerStars (e.g. promotion notifications). Clicking this box will automatically close any of these windows.
  • Set focus to bet box: Clicking this box will automatically bring the bet amount box into focus when a table is brought into focus. You can then use a hotkey to change the bet amount or start typing a new amount without having to click your mouse to choose this box.

These options are designed specifically for tournaments (STT, MTT, etc).

  • Select Info Tab: The default in PokerStars is for the Chat tab to show for game tables. When you click this box, the Info tab will show up instead.
  • Close finished tournaments after: As you probably know, within PokerStars you can elect to have tournament tables automatically close when the tournament is complete. However, it closes very quickly and if you are multi-tabling you may want to replay the last hand, see who won, etc. You can click this box and choose a duration in seconds that Table Optimizer will wait before closing the table. Note that the “Close table” box in the dialog shown below needs to be unchecked. Also you need to configure PokerStars client to save Tournament summaries in Settings/Playing History/Tournament Summaries.

Check for updates

You can press this button to manually check for Table Optimizer updates. Alternatively, if you launch TO using the “update.exe” file, updates will automatically be made.