Hotkey slots

The main function of hotkey slots is setting tables aside. Each hotkey slot has a unique hotkey and supports unlimited number of tables. Hotkey slots are compatible with all of TO table management features(tiling, slots, auto slots).

Pressing hotkey associated with hotkey slot will move currently active table(or table under mouse) to this slot. Pressing it again will:

  1. move it back to the stack if table was previously in the stack or slot
  2. move it to the best auto slot if auto slots are enabled
  3. move it to it’s previous position in all other cases

You can also move a table from one hotkey slot to another.

To setup hotkey slots click on “Setup slots” and select “Hotkey slots”. This will open Slots setup in which you will be able to add/delete, move and resize your hotkey slots.

  • Pressing “Tile” button will tile your slots using settings from “Tiling options”.
  • To assign a hotkey to the slot click on the field below “Save” button to highlight it. Once it’s highlighted press desired hotkey on your keyboard.
  • To delete a hotkey repeat this procedure and press Backspace key.
  • To save your hotkey slots click on “Save” button.