This section provides details for how to set up hotkeys within Table Optimizer. Note that these hotkeys work in conjunction with the hotkeys already available in PokerStars, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their options. For instance, PokerStars offers the ability to set a hotkey for folding, which is why you won’t find a “fold” option within Table Optimizer. Also, we strongly recommend that you only open play money games while setting up your hotkeys so that you can fully experiment with all the different options without worrying about accidently making a costly mistake.

To expand or collapse sections, you can either click on the +/- button (next to each section name), or you can double click on the section title (e.g. “Hide/Show”).

  • To set up a new hotkey, expand the applicable section and double-click to the right of the function that you want to apply the hotkey to. When you do this, you should see a box appear next to the function that says “Enter Hotkey” – make sure that the box turns green – if it doesn’t, double click on the “Enter Hotkey” box again. Once the box turns green, press the hotkey that you wish to assign, and that’s it! Be sure to click somewhere else outside the green box before moving on, because as long as the box is green, it will keep re-assigning the hotkey to whatever keys you are pressing on your keyboard.
  • You can set up mouse hotkeys by following the instructions above and just using whichever parts of your device you wish to assign a function to.
  • To disable an existing hotkey, double click on the existing hotkey configuration in Table Optimizer so that the box turns green – you can then simply click on your “Backspace” key. Upon doing so, the hotkey box in Table Optimizer should revert to saying “Enter Hotkey”.
  • Again, be sure to fully test all your hotkeys with play money games before actually using them in a real money game.

Description of all hotkeys

  1. Table Management
    • Close table – This will attempt to close the target table without accepting the confirmation dialog
    • Close seated table – This closes the target table and accepts the confirmation dialog
    • Close all tables – This closes all tables and accepts the confirmation dialogs
    • Tile – This tiles all tables on the target table monitor. It also removes all tables from stack/slots mode
    • Add tables to stack – This finds all tables (on target table monitor) that are not in stack/slot mode, assigns them to stack/slot mode and moves to the stack
    • Add table to stack – If necessary, this assigns the target table to stack/slot mode and always moves it to the stack. Note that it only makes sense to use these two hotkeys in special cases, such as table selecting. In most cases, you should use “Move new tables to stack/slots” or “After taking seat move tables to stack/slots” options
    • Move to stack/slot – This moves table from slot to stack or from stack to slot layout
    • Empty slots – This moves all tables in slots to a stack
    • Lock in slot – When using the “smart stacking” feature, this hotkey prevents tables from automatically moving back to your stack. To unlock the table, you need to use the “move to stack/slot” hotkey. All of these hotkeys are for normal slots, not for hotkeys slots or auto slots.
    • Join/unjoin waitlist – This clicks “join waitlist” or “unjoin waitlist” button for the currently selected table in the lobby. Lobby must be currently active window.
    • Move to next/previous screen – This moves the target table between monitors. What is considered “previous” and “next” is defined in the monitor order found in “Tiling options”
  2. Sit out
    • Next hand – This checks “sitout next hand” on the target table
    • Next hand all – This checks “sitout next hand” on all tables
    • Next bb – This checks “sitout next bb” on the target table
    • Next bb all – This checks “sitout next bb” on all tables
    • Next bb and close – This checks “sitout next bb” on the target table and automatically closes it after sitting out. Note that this does not work on zoom
    • I’m back all tables – This clicks “i’m back” on all tables. This is useful for when you disconnect because auto clicking “I’m back” does not currently work in this situation
  3. Bet slider hotkeys will increase or decrease your current bet size by amount specified in “Bet slider step”
  4. Other
    • Color player – If you hover your mouse over a player on a table and press this hotkey, he will be coloured with the first color from your labels list. Pressing it again within one second will select the next color in your list. This hotkey will not work if you’re using right mouse button as a hotkey in Pokerstars.
    • Find player – This will perform a Pokerstars player search on the player under mouse. This hotkey will not work if you’re using right mouse button as a hotkey in Pokerstars.
    • Enable hotkeys – This enables/disables hotkeys. Note that the TO tray icon will also change color.
    • Set preset bet – This sets the most recent preset bet into the betbox. This is useful for when you change your betsize by accident and want to go back to whatever TO originally calculated
    • Register in tournament – This is similar to “join/unjoin waitlist”, as it clicks the “register” button for the currently selected tournament. Note that the Pokerstars lobby has to be the currently active window.
    • Enable money to bb – This enables/disables the “money to bb” function (see “General” tab)
  5. Cycling – From a cycling point of view, a table can be in 3 states: Action, Dealt and Normal:
    • Action – When it’s your turn to act
    • Dealt – When you’re dealt in preflop, and you’re waiting for your turn to act
    • Normal – Your status in all other cases(eg. after performing action, observing table, sitting out, etc)

    When using cycling hotkeys, tables are ordered in line as follows: first, action tables ordered from oldest to newest, then dealt tables from oldest to newest, and finally normal tables in unspecified order.

    • First in line – This activates the table on which action has been required for the longest time. If there are no tables requiring action, it activates table on which the hand has been dealt for the longest time. If there are no tables requiring action and no tables with a hand dealt, it’s unspecified which table will be activated.
    • Next – This activates the next table in line relative to target table. For example, if the target table is last in the overall line, the table that is first in line will be activated
    • Previous in line – This activates the previous table in line relative to the target table. For example, if the target table is first in line overall, the table that is last in line will be activated
    • Next in stack – activates next table in stack relative to target table
    • Previous in stack – activates previous table in stack relative to target table

    TO recognises group of tables as a stack when:

    • Every table overlaps with all tables in the group, and
    • Every table doesn’t overlap with tables outside of the group

    This is why these two hotkeys will not work if you have multiple stacks that are overlapping

Other hotkey options:

  • Send to: Table under mouse – this will send hotkeys to the table that is directly below mouse cursor.
  • Send to: Active table – this will send hotkeys to the table that is currently active. There are numerous ways in which table can be activated: you can click on it, you can cycle to it using hotkeys, it may be activated by “Popup when action required” option and many more. The easiest way to know which table is active is to enable “Active table” frame in TO. Note that after switching to another application TO will still send hotkeys to the table that was recently active.
  • Suppress hotkeys: This option prevents other application from receiving key combination that are used as hotkeys in TO. Enabling this may be necesary when you’re using a key combination that is already taken by one of the default Pokerstars hotkeys. All mouse hotkeys are suppressed by default.
  • Bet slider step: When you have selected a hotkey for increasing/decreasing bet size, Table Optimizer needs to know by what increment to use. The increment you define is measured in small blinds (sb).