Here are some example layouts that can be created using regular slots:

  • simple layout with stack and no slots
  • layout with stack and slots used for manually setting tables aside
  • layout with stack and slots used for smart stacking(automatic movement between stack and slots)
  • layout with slots used for tiling (this allows you to have non-uniform size of your tables and custom tiling order)
  • layout with stack used to play and slots used for table selection

To setup stack and slots click on “Setup slots” button and select “Slots”. This will open Slots setup in which you will be able to add/delete slots, position them and change their size. If you click on “Tile” button your slots and stack will be tiled using settings from “Tiling options”. When you finish configuring your slots click on “Save” button.

Following options control how your slots will work:

“Sort slots” – when a table is in the slot and:

  • you close it.
  • it moves from a slot to the stack by “Move to stack/slot” hotkey or automatically.
  • you move it to a hotkey slot.

every other table that is in a slot with higher index will move one slot up. Example: table in slot 3 was closed, table in slot 4 moves to slot 3, table in slot 5 moves to slot 4 etc.

“Enable slot swapping” – this allows you to move tables between slots by dragging them with a mouse. If target slot is not empty tables will swap places.

“Move new tables to Slots/Stack” – this option controls what should happen with newly opened tables. It is recommended to enable this option.

“After taking seat move tables to Slots/Stack” – similar to previous option but works after taking seat on the table. This can be useful in cash games when you want to play in stack and use slots for table selection.

If none of these two options is enabled you will need to manually move your tables to stack using “Add tables to stack” or “Add table to stack” hotkeys. Otherwise TO will not recognize that tables are in stack/slot mode.

“Smart stacking mode” – selecting any mode will enable smart stacking – automatic movement of tables between stack and slots. There are five available modes:

  1. Zoom – in this mode tables move to slots when your hand is dealt. If you’re on BB table will move after first raise. Tables will also move to slots when it’s your turn to act or when timebank is available(this may happen if you manually move them back the to stack).
  2. Vpip – in this mode tables move to slots when you put money into the pot.
  3. Postflop – in this mode tables move to slots when you see the flop.
  4. Manual – in this mode you move tables to slots manually using “Move to stack/slot hotkey”.
  5. Action – in this mode tables move to slots when it’s your turn to act.

In all modes tables automatically move back to stack when you fold your hand. In all modes except “Zoom” tables move back to stack when hand is finished.

If there are not enough empty slot table is moved to the queue. Once slot gets empty table from the queue moves into it. It’s recommended to always have enough empty slots.