SNG Registering

General Information

You can use Table Optimizer to automatically register for SNGs – this functionality can be found by clicking on the “SNG Registering” tab at the top of Table Optimizer.

Setting up automated registration is actually quite easy, but there are some IMPORTANT PRECAUTIONS to first be aware of:

  • Before starting the automated registration tool, it is highly recommended that you filter PokerStars to only display the games and stakes that you are interested in playing
  • Never change or disable filters in PokerStars while automated registration is running
  • Never move to the Tournaments or Cash Games lobbies while automated registration is running
  • It is recommended to restrict your buy-im limit through the Responsible Gaming functionality within PokerStars
  • You need to make sure you are using the PokerStars 7 client
  • Within PokerStars, you can use either the standard lobby or the “Favorites”. You will likely find that using “Favorites” allows you to have better control over which games Table Optimizer accesses when it tries to register you for games. See the “Set-Up” section below for more details
  • Make sure that the lobby shows only the following columns, in this order: ID, Game, Limit, Buy-In, Speed, Type, State, Enrolled. If you need to change the fields, click on the cog to the right of the column titles and adjust as necessary – see Fig. 1.1)
  • Click on “Show Upcoming Only” (right above the column titles from the previous step)

Fig. 1.1


The first step in setting up SNG Registering is to create filters within Table Optimizer. Note that the filters within PokerStars allow you to customize which games are available for you to register to, where the filters within Table Optimizer allow you to set up rules for the automated registration process.

Let’s get started by assuming we want to set up a filter in Table Optimizer to register to $3.50 Turbo Fifty50 tournaments. Keep in mind that you can set up a single filter for multiple buy-ins or multiple tournament types. We’ll show how to do this later, but for now let’s look at a more basic example. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Make sure that $3.50 Turbo Fifty50 tournaments are included in your PokerStars filter of games available
  2. Click the “Add” button in the middle of the screen. This brings up the SNG Filter window
  3. Type a filter name that is specific to the game type you are selecting. For this example, we will type “$3.50 Turbo Fifty50”
  4. Under “Format”, uncheck all the boxes except “Fifty50”
  5. Under “Speed”, uncheck all the boxes except “Turbo”
  6. If you are in a location where there is only one number of entrants for Fifty50’s, you can leave the range under “SNG entrants” as-is. We will assume we are in a location where the only number of registrants is 10
  7. Under “Buyin”, change both the minimum and maximum fields to be 3.50
  8. Decide the maximum number of games of this type that you want to register for and play concurrently. Enter this number next to “Max registered”. We’ll assume that we want to play 20 of this type of game.

When you are done with these steps, the SNG filter box should look like Fig. 1.2:

Fig. 1.2

Fig. 1.2

Click “Add/edit” to save your new filter.

You can add as many filters as you would like. Check and uncheck boxes the left of the filter names to decide which games you are going to play during a session. You can also double-click on a filter to edit it. We’ll assume we want to play a session of $1.50 and $3.50 Fifty50’s – see Fig. 1.3 for how this should look.

The next thing we need to set up is how many total games we want to play. Let’s assume we want to play a total of 100 games in our session – you would then enter “100” next to “Stop after registering to:”.

Now we need to configure our multi-tabling max – let’s assume we want to play 30 games concurrently – we would then enter “30” next to “Pause when registered to:”. Note that this field works in tandem with the “Max registered:” option within the filter. So if there are more $1.50 games running than $3.50, we might have registered for 20 $1.50 games and only have registered to 8 $3.50 games – the registration would stop for the $1.50’s even though we haven’t yet reached our overall multi-tabling total of 30. Similarly, we might register for 16 $1.50 games and 14 $3.50 games and reach our overall limit of 30, at which time registration would pause even though we haven’t hit the 20 game maximum for the $1.50’s and $3.50’s.

If games are slow to register and you think you might forget to stop the automatic registration, you can have the registration stop after a certain amount of time without any keyboard or mouse input. You would just enter this time (in seconds) next to “Stop if inactive for (s):”.

“Scanning delay” options controls how fast TO moves through games list in Pokerstars. Increasing it will make it slower.

When you have entered all the options listed above, your registration tab should look like Fig. 1.3 below.

Fig. 1.3

Fig. 1.3

Click on “Start” when you are ready to start registering for games. Click on “Stop” if you want to stop before the preset number of games has been reached or when you want to temporarily pause SNG registering.

This video shows how you should setup TO and Pokerstars before starting SNG registering.